Having graduated from the RSMAD (now the RCS) I quickly settled in London to begin a career as a musician, composer and music director in theatre.  There was also a short period working as a music therapist for deaf blind young adults however I was fairly busy for the next 15 years.

In 1993 I was the regional award winner for the Shell UK Livewire Award as an entrepreneur which led to a part-time career in business development working for the Prince’s Scottish Youth Business Trust giving advice to young people in business as well as sitting on funding panels.  I branched out into Youth Enterprise working with young people to develop basic business skills.

My London theatrical career was coming along nicely however my passion for technology and computers led to further study in computer languages and tech which eventually gave me my first tech business in web development which has now lasted since 2001 and is still going strong.

As an actor/singer I’ve performed in many musicals; as a musician and music director I’ve played and conducted on many shows; as a composer I’ve written for theatre, radio and television.

In 1999 I started as an associate music director with Karlin Music Theatre in Prague, a relationship which still lasts to this day.  2004 saw the start of a career in radio as an early morning weekend presenter as well as producing specialist shows.

Today I continue to be a professional freelance in theatre; artistic director on the Theatre Voices project; director of Media Voices, a media and web development company and last but not least, a writer.