The Beginning

I’m proud to say I was around for the birth of the internet, it opened up a new world for me, that world was full of possibilities.  I would say that 90% of what I write remains unpublished, I’ve decided that I needed platform to store all my writings and ramblings.

At the age of 48 it’s been a long time coming; I seem to have spent the past 12 years developing platforms for others but now this is for me.

A passionate writer and reader at an early age thanks to dilligent grandparents and parents, my book library was already burgeoning at the age of 12 and there was never enough storage.  Writing started way before we had computers, putting pen to paper made the task of writing a more physical experience but I do remember the ease with which my first computer made the task; it was an Atari 800.

These days my library is more select simply due to the lack of storage and the distaste for clutter, however clutter has always been an ongoing battle for me.  It’s my digital library that’s now taking up space albeit a small box of 4TB storage.

Everything seems to be digital these days; I spend so much of my working life at a computer.  Books and magazines are digitised as are the way we create them; even music is digitised.  It took a year for me to get an entire shelf of compact discs onto another small box of 4TB storage, a mere fraction of the size of the space the discs took up.  The discs have gone and I rarely miss them; certainly it takes a bit of getting used to owning items that are now virtual rather than actual.  Although I’ve been a computer junkie for many years, some things were not meant and never will be meant for digitisation.  But some things do and that just takes a bit of getting use to.

These days I no longer have to sit at a large desk with large sheets of manuscript writing out notes by hand; even the score preparation took many hours and now at the touch of a button my score is prepared in both the correct key and time signature and ready for notes to be entered which again can be done quickly by mouse or by digital keyboard.  I don’t sit in rehearsals any more trying to explain my scrawl, I don’t get asked “is that a G or an F?”, now the computer handles the layout and printing so that I can’t tell a professionally printed copy from my own.  That’s not to say that I don’t utter obscenities when the computer decides not to play; the software glitches or the computer crashes and then I sometimes wish back to the days of pencil and manuscript.  But it all turns out in the end and I find myself apologising out loud to the computer for what I called it earlier; just in case it has a personality or soul and that an apology may prevent any further glitches.

So this site is about writings and ramblings, observations and life, along with anything else that comes to mind.