For many years my workspace has taken on many forms.  It’s been a desk in a room in the home; a proper office; an industrial unit; a shared offce and even a shared desk.

Over the years I’ve learned that you go with only what you need.  I’ve had expensive luxurious office space, the big spacious office that would take whole minutes to walk from one end to the other, even the trendy workspace within a shared space where there was the space age coffee machine and “chill out” area.  But at the end of the day a space should suit your needs for the least amount of money.

For the past year I’ve worked out of a shed.  It doesn’t sound very glamourous but in fact it’s very useful and very comfortable and is entirely suited to my needs.  I rarely have clients visit me so meetings can be organised in a nice hotel or eatery locally.  I need office space for one, anyone I work with is a freelancer themselves and obviously have their own space.  My needs aren’t too complicated therefore I started a trial working at home.  It didn’t work.  Working at home isn’t at all easy, especially when you need a decent workflow and disturbances can cause issues.  It’s fine if you have a dedicated room but even then the disruption can be a problem.

I didn’t relish the idea of having to travel for any length of time otherwise another office space would have been ideal.  I don’t just have one computer therefore I need two workstations, two places to sit where I can access various computers depending on which task I’m working on.